IT Services

At Scio Electrical Labs, we have over 25 years of experience providing first-class IT services and customized solutions to businesses. Discover how you can gain the unmatched advantages of having a full professional IT department on call and for a very reasonable rate.

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Software Services

File Servers

We set up and help you maintain a central, secure and streamlined system for the storage and management of all your company's data files.

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Network Storage

Network storage capable of handling heavy traffic while maintaining reliable up times means a steady workflow from associates. That workflow often translates into happier clients and a stronger bottom line. But not all network storage solutions are created equally, nor will any one of them fit your specific needs. Rely on Scio Electrical Labs to find you the right balance of cost and performance.

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Document Imaging

Digitize paper files that instantly integrate into your office's electronic workflow. Document imaging helps your office run more efficiently, removing the dependence on analog filing systems and eliminating the risks of losing or mishandling vital data.

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Wireless Phone/PDA Support

Get the support you need for all your company's wireless phones and PDAs. We help ensure your employees are as productive on the road as they are in the office.

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Mobile Barcode Readers

We provide you with the best mobile barcode readers so your company can benefit from remote data processing capabilities.

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System Analysis and Design

We analyze existing systems, design new systems and make necessary improvements for maximum efficiency at every level of your business.

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Project Management

Our experts have the knowledge and skills to help manage your company's most important projects.

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Backup and Recovery

We make sure your important data is securely backed up at all times, and establish systems for immediate recovery in the event of any potential loss.

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Training your employees to properly use your company's software and systems ensures an efficient workflow across the board, ultimately increasing both profits and customer satisfaction.

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Hardware Services

Wireless Networking

Free your office from the costs and constraints of cables and wires by establishing a secure wireless network.

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Network Jacks

We install network jacks to maximize data communications within your local area networks.

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Mobility Products

With the latest mobility products we help your company combine the best of productivity and portability.

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Low Voltage Cabling

Save on energy costs while improving the speed of your data communications systems with low voltage cabling.

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Access Point Installation

We set up access points wherever they're needed to ensure network connectivity throughout your office.

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Wireless Site Surveys

Our experts employ wireless site surveys to plan and design the best networks for your business.

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Electrical Engineering

Small Scale Engineering

As a small or mid-sized business, the challenges you face — and the opportunities just beyond them — require engineering expertise that is available immediately. That’s what you can expect from Scio Electrical Labs: prompt and professional small scale engineering support.

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Automotive Engineering

It’s a $2 trillion industry speeding toward a global future of autonomous, connected, and energy-efficient vehicles. If the automotive industry is your industry, Scio Electrical Labs offers the level of support and expertise that can have a measurable effect on your bottom line.

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Hardware and Software Electronics

We live in an age of genuinely remarkable hardware and software electronics development. That’s exciting for companies helping to forge our collective future. However, it can also be frustrating when the engineering skill sets required to drive that development are difficult to find in a tight job market. Fortunately for you, the search is over.

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Control Systems

Every successful control systems project requires effective planning and efficient execution from the very start. Scio Electrical Labs is ready to collaborate with your team to ensure all of your control system needs are met with services that include:

  • Automation design
  • Electrical design
  • Drafting services
  • Control panel fabrication

… and more.

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Engineering Design For Circuit Boards

Given their role as the bridge between vital electronic components in a design, the circuit boards developed for your project require careful planning and design. Finding the right team to provide that planning and design, then, is crucial.

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Sensor Housing

Faulty sensor housing can lead to the degradation or failure of even the best-designed, carefully developed systems. It’s critical, then, to ensure your sensor housing process successfully fends off any vulnerabilities, even under conditions that can be harsh.

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System Controls

System controls help ensure devices maintain functionality and execute the demands necessary for continuous operation of a system. They represent the nerve center of key mechanisms. As such, it’s crucial to get your system controls right, from design to production.

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Users, producers, and government officials can all play a role in crafting regulatory standards and specifications for products across a range of industries. Perhaps the industry that relies the most on homologation — which is the process of ensuring a product meets those standards and specifications — is automotive manufacturing.

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Tire Pressure Monitor System

A crucial safety element to any vehicle, an effective tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) is genuinely a life-saving component.

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Wireless and Related Automotive Systems

Autonomy, energy efficiency, connectivity: the automobiles of tomorrow will provide drivers and manufacturers alike performance and data that’s never before been available. Is your business ready for this just-around-the-corner shift?

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CAN — Controller Area Network Protocols

Today’s global marketplace mandates certain requirements to ensure the consistent operation of systems. Failing to meet those requirements can mean falling behind the competition for business at home and abroad.

This is one reason controller area network protocols are so important, and why you need a partner such as Scio Electrical Labs to help you deliver on them.

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Scio Electrical Labs

For over 25 years, Scio Electrical Labs has served clients large and small across the nation, and in many different industries. We also maintain a network of leading suppliers all around the globe. Our knowledgeable, technically driven experts, including electrical and controls engineers and certified IT staff, are ready to design and develop innovative IT solutions for your business. We take pride in offering all of our first-class services as part of cost-efficient packages tailored to your specific needs.

About Scio Electrical Labs

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