Scio Electrical Labs

For over 25 years, Scio Electrical Labs has served clients large and small across the nation, and in many different industries. We also maintain a network of leading suppliers all around the globe. Our knowledgeable, technically driven experts, including electrical and controls engineers and certified IT staff, are ready to design and develop innovative IT solutions for your business. We take pride in offering all of our first-class services as part of cost-efficient packages tailored to your specific needs.

The Story of Scio Electrical Labs

Carrie Sweeney founded Scio Electrical Labs after serving the IT needs of metro Detroit companies for more than a decade.

Her goal: to offer every company the same high-level IT support traditionally reserved for larger companies with greater financial means.

The result is a company ready to step in and provide hardware and software IT support for:

Small and medium-sized businesses
Mid-market businesses (SMEs)

Making it possible is the team of IT professionals that soon joined her to leverage their own hardware and software experience to serve clients.

Together, they pool their passion for everything from running cables to implementing firewall solutions. It’s what makes Scio Electrical Labs a collaborative IT force.

The Mission of Scio Electrical Labs

To provide clients with the innovation and creativity required for effective and affordable IT solutions.

Scio Uniqueness

Scio Electrical Labs is not your average IT solution. Scio goes above and beyond to provide a service that's reliable and brag-worthy.

Whether deftly operated by two people or tirelessly driven by 100 people, your company deserves top-tier IT support. That support is now available.