Electrical Engineering

Even the best ideas offer little more than a promise of game-changing technology. Turning that promise into reality requires talented and experienced professionals. Only the best can surmount the design and production challenges inherent in electrical engineering.
Maybe your company seeks support in small-scale initiatives or leading-edge automotive components. Perhaps it requires control systems or circuit board support. Whatever the need, Scio Electrical Labs’ team can deliver on the most ambitious electrical engineering projects. Review our services below and then contact us for immediate support.

Small Scale Engineering

Recruiting and maintaining a roster of full-time engineers and support staff can take years. It can also add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your budget. We allow small and mid-sized enterprises to hire the engineering expertise when they need it and for however long they need it.

This opportunity is available across a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more. It’s an ideal way to get the engineering team you need without scrambling over obstacles, losing time and competitive standing in the process.

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Automotive Engineering

There’s never been a more exciting time in automotive manufacturing. Technological advances create opportunities for more companies, and in more countries, than ever before. Scio Electrical Labs has helped a number of them.

Now, you can leverage our experience working with worldwide OEM automotive customers on design, implementation, certification, and production to benefit your efforts in this thrilling global marketplace.

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Hardware and Software Electronics

Scio Electrical Labs’ experience in hardware and software electronics means your company now has ready access to the subject-matter expertise necessary to lead the field in automotive, manufacturing, and many other industries.

Our support begins at the precise moment your team needs us:

  • Coming in at the design stage
  • Helping oversee production
  • Ushering the project toward its next crucial step
  • All the above

We prize our collaboration and communication abilities during hardware and software electronics development and know you, will, as well.

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Control Systems

From our homes to our factories, automation will soon permeate nearly everything we do. Scio Electrical Labs can help move you to the center of that shift with electrical, mechanical, and industrial control systems engineering services.

One way we can do that is by designing and implementing proportional-integral-differential (PID) closed loop control systems. This provides for the efficient, low-error control of electrical and mechanical systems. The manufacturing, stability, and optimization support available through Scio Electrical Labs may be precisely what your commercial or industrial projects need to tackle the market.

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Engineering Design For Circuit Boards

Some circuit boards rely heavily on design specifications developed and popularized over many years. Others, however, require a level of customization that provides a critical point of differentiation for a device or system.

That customization demands careful attention to detail whether the circuit board is single or double-sided, multi-layered, leverages a flex or rigid-flex design, or any number of other specifications unique to your specific offering. Scio Electrical Labs brings such attention to detail to every printed circuit board (PCB) project on which we work.

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Sensor Housing

Protecting the electronics involved in precision sensors falls to sensor housing components composed of a variety of materials. Those materials include ABS, glass, metal, and polypropylene.

Not only must the best housing materials be utilized; it’s also essential to seal the housing properly against operations that produce excessive temperatures, high humidity, and vibration.

It’s a straightforward proposition, but one with a complexity borne of materials variability and potential failure points. Turn to Scio Electrical Electrical Labs to navigate all challenges and produce the sensor housing support you need.

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System Controls

System controls achieve their goals by initiating an immediate response to user commands, maintaining continuous control of equipment performance, preventing or eliminating the degradation of any part of the system, and much more.

There’s no margin for error with system controls, so turn to the experienced engineers of Scio Electrical Labs to help deliver system control perfection to your clients.

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Players within the automotive industry must ensure that the vehicles or individual components that fall within their purview meet the myriad standards established by institutions here and abroad. Doing so requires a great deal of time and effort, consumed by:

  1. Identifying the relevant standards and specifications
  2. Testing for them
  3. Reporting out the results

Let Scio Electrical Labs alleviate this burden from your workflow so that your team can move on to other pressing projects.

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Tire Pressure Monitor System

A tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) helps the vehicle achieve optimal mileage and performance while relaying critical safety information to the operator/driver. Rely on Scio Electrical Labs to produce a TPMS that relieves pressure from your team and makes sure it stays precisely where it needs to be: in a vehicle’s tires.

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Wireless and Related Automotive Systems

Many of the capabilities sweeping through automotive manufacturing will connect to the fifth-generation wireless standard (5G) for unprecedented capabilities. Yet wireless and related automotive systems face many challenges, not the least of which are reliability and potential signal impedance.

If you’re concerned about your company's place in line for the future of automotive systems, working with Scio Electrical  Labs can ensure you leapfrog competitors and stay connected to the exciting market changes coming.

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CAN — Controller Area Network Protocols

For automotive manufacturers, meeting the obligations of international protocols and standards is critical. Doing so requires that automotive suppliers successfully meet their customers’ expectations for communication to other electronic control units as well as to diagnostic and plant tools.

Scio Electrical Labs can ensure this through the control area network communication systems and diagnostic services available.

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Engineering the future takes more than vision. You need engineers with hands-on experience, drive, and the ability to deliver an outstanding client experience. You need Scio Electrical Labs.