Hardware Services

Paper ledgers, manual typewriters, nib pens, rotary phones: business hardware has changed a great deal over the past 100 years. Now more than ever, having the right equipment is crucial. The alternative of diminished productivity and effectiveness is unsustainable in our global economy. Scio Electrical Labs can help ensure your enterprise’s toolbox contains everything it needs to achieve the goals you set.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is one of the most significant technological advances of the past century. With the high speeds of 5G finding their way into more devices — and, concurrently, more industries — it’s clear that wireless networking isn’t done surprising us with its utility and ubiquity.

If you’re not sure whether your company’s wireless networking capabilities are where they need to be, or you know they’re not where they need to be, contact Scio Electrical Labs today.

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Network Jacks

Anticipated workforce growth, number and location of workstations, accessibility for troubleshooting and maintenance: installing network jacks is more than drilling holes and running lines. At its core, it’s about making sure all calculations and equipment procurements have been done effectively. Scio Electrical Labs can perform the work you need with the information others might not think to seek.

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Mobility Products

Success and failure today sometimes come down to a photo finish between first and second place. The margin for error is so slim now that any advantage is a vital advantage.

Mobile devices that serve the members of your workforce while they’re meeting with prospects, interviewing potential partners, and more? They might help you find the one advantage that propels your organization across the finish line first. Scio Electrical Labs is here to help, whether your force favors smartphones, tablets, PDAs, or other mobile technology.

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Low Voltage Cabling

Low voltage cabling is one of the unsung heroes of the modern workplace. From communications and lighting to sound and video surveillance, low voltage cables often serve a behind-the-scenes function ... until a problem arises.

Scio Electrical Labs prides itself on executing IT infrastructure projects such as low voltage cabling because we recognize its importance to the bigger picture. If making sure your office works from day one is important to you, call us today.

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Access Point Installation

Access points expand wireless network capabilities for teammates and office visitors alike. Scio Electrical Labs is ready to help. Our access point installations aim to avoid signal interference caused by too many access points and how best to gear up for game-changing 5G technology.

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Wireless Site Surveys

Not sure what impact the brick wall separating two areas within your office space will have on your wireless signal? Debating whether that wall of filing cabinets will be problematic? A wireless site survey from Scio Electrical Labs can proactively address these and other questions before they become full-blown problems. In fact, we can eliminate many wireless network issues — such as how a neighboring office’s Wi-Fi signal may interfere with yours.

You wouldn’t build a house without a site survey; don’t trust your business to guesswork and crossed fingers.

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A solid foundation rests beneath every successful business. Scio Electrical Labs can help you build one that will last for years.