Software Services

The hardware that powers your business requires more than processors, memory chips, and I/O ports. At the heart of it all: software. That’s one of the reason’s the business analytics and enterprise software market in the U.S. approaches $30 billion in annual revenue. The software solutions available to businesses like yours holds tremendous power. If you want to get everything you can from the power at your fingertips, Scio Electrical Labs can help.

File Servers

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created — a number that’s only expected to grow. A well designed, secure file server helps store your company’s share of that information. Scio Electrical Labs can implement a file server solution for you that addresses important issues such as concurrency, recovery, and integrity control.

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Network Storage

Network storage capable of handling heavy traffic while maintaining reliable up times means a steady workflow from associates. That workflow often translates into happier clients and a stronger bottom line. But not all network storage solutions are created equally, nor will any one of them fit your specific needs. Rely on Scio Electrical Labs to find you the right balance of cost and performance.

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Document Imaging

In the U.S., each person uses an average of 700 pounds of paper products per year. The portion of that paper devoted to a small business is likely enough to bury it. That’s why Scio Electrical Labs provides document imaging support to clients.

Some documents serve critical purposes, such as legally mandated record-keeping. However, that doesn’t mean such records can’t be scanned and stored on a file server, whether local or remote. Add to that the paperwork that accumulates every day and this is a solution that could even open up more space in your office.

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Wireless Phone/PDA Support

We live in a mobile world. That’s why today’s developers and the businesses that rely on their expertise prioritize mobile application development. This includes personal data assistants (PDA), which remain in-use in today thanks to their affordability and ease of use.

The ubiquity of mobile devices won’t get you far, though, without the right industry-grade software. That’s where Scio Electrical Labs comes in. Our mobile device expertise can help ensure a more productive workforce regardless of their preferred hardware.

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Mobile Barcode Readers

Advances in the mobile space mean barcode scanners enjoy an expanded utility that simply wasn’t available a few years ago. They serve important functions in warehousing, healthcare, retail, and other industries. If there’s a caveat, it’s this: like every other piece of hardware in your IT toolkit, it takes the right software to deliver the benefits you seek. At Scio Electrical Labs, we drive improved mobile barcode reader efficiencies for clients … the kind of efficiencies that result in real-world performance improvements.

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System Analysis and Design

Technological advances, global opportunities, and continuing cyber threats combine to place enormous pressure on IT systems. While those systems must address today’s issues, it’s also critical that they are agile enough to grow and adapt as market forces and other outside influences dictate.

Too often, businesses are forced to devote precious internal resources to analyze needs and design a system that addresses them. With Scio Electrical Labs, you won't need to make any such sacrifices. We’re ready to collaborate with you on determining wants and needs. After that, you can focus on your business while we focus on developing tools that help you conduct that business.

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Project Management

Software changes can spur uncertainty and concern, both of which can be exacerbated by project mismanagement.

At Scio Electrical Labs, though, we have successfully ushered through countless projects and are ready to do the same for you. From confirming the mandate to fostering continual communication — guarding against scope creep and budget runs along the way — our team delivers.

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Backup and Recovery

Data loss isn’t someone else’s problem. It’s your problem. A 400% increase since 2012 practically guarantees that you or a partner business will feel its impact.

We can help alleviate the damage caused by a data loss in part by ensuring that you have the tools in place to recover quickly. So quickly, in fact, that partners and clients don’t notice any service interruptions.

If yours is among the 71% of organizations not confident in their ability to recover after a data disruption, Scio Electrical Labs can help.

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Remarkably, training remains a relatively untapped resource for boosting your bottom line. One study found that businesses providing extensive employee training achieved 218 percent more income per employee than companies without such training. Scio’s Electrical Labs can help you close any gaps that exist in your program.

We offer training developed specifically to help clients realize the fullest potential possible from their existing software and hardware solutions, as well as any solutions we implement. Looking to increase your company’s income per employee percentage? Look to our training resources.

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The world of IT software is a challenging and demanding one. We are ready right now to help you navigate it.